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About Us

Biological Shielding | Cetibio

Our Mission
Protection from Harmful Radiation
On Earth and Beyond

Pioneering Biological Shielding Solutions for a Safer Future

At Ceti5Bio, our mission is to create groundbreaking biological shielding solutions that prevent the harmful effects of radiation on all life forms. We strive to address the unique challenges associated with radiation exposure, both on Earth and during space exploration. By developing innovative therapies and treatments, we aim to protect and repair the damage caused by various types of radiation exposure.

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The Growing Need for Radiation Protection

Tackling the Challenges of Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure is a critical concern for humans, both on our planet and in space. Natural sources of radiation, such as cosmic and solar radiation, as well as human-made sources, such as cancer radiation therapy, pose risks to our health and safety. We also face potential exposure from accidental release of radioactive material, like the Fukushima disaster, and possible intentional release from dirty bombs. Furthermore, as our ambitions for space exploration grow, we will face greater levels of radiation exposure for longer periods.

The Growing Need for Radiation Protection | Cetibio
Harnessing the Power of the Secretome | Cetibio

A Biological Approach to Radiation Protection

Harnessing the Power of the Secretome

Ceti5Bio is committed to developing innovative biological shielding solutions by leveraging the power of the secretome - a collection of bioactive molecules released by living cells. We believe that these molecules can be harnessed to enhance the repair of radiation-induced damage to the genome, offering both preventative and therapeutic applications. Our proprietary methods allow us to develop and produce secretome products that have the potential to revolutionize radiation protection and treatment.

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